Terminal Guide

Request Cursor Position Report (CPR)

ESC1B[5B 636 n6e

Sends cursor position report.

The terminal replies with:

ESC1b [5b row ;3b column R52 

If cursor origin is set the cursor position is reported relative to the top left corner of the scroll area.

See request cursor position report (?) for a variant of the command that does result in a report that does not conflict with keyboard F1-key reporting.

urxvt ( ✓ )

Ignores cursor origin, always reports relative to the top left corner of the screen.

konsole ( ✓ )

🛈 Before version 21.12.0 ignored cursor origin. 🛆 Since version 21.12.0, if cursor origin is active and the cursor is above the scroll region replies with broken sequence caused by printing a negative number into a CSI sequence.