Terminal Guide

Report Terminal Version

ESC1B ]5D 702;?37 30 32 3b 3f ESC1B \5C

Request terminal version string.

See terminal specific information below.

urxvt ( ✔ )

ESC1b ]5d 737 030 232 ;3b r72 x78 v76 t74 -2d u75 n6e i69 c63 o6f d64 e65 ;3b progname ;3b v1 ;3b v2 ESC1b \5c 

With progname set to the base name of the terminal executable (or it's invocations 0th argument) and v1 and v2 set to the first and third character in the version string. (i.e. for 9.21, v1='9' and v2='1')