Terminal Guide

Set Attribute Replacement Colors

ESC1B ]5D 535 ;3b text ESC1B \5C

Like change/read palette color but allows setting attribute replacement colors without need to know the palette size.

Readback mode may still use special indices as would be needed with change/read palette color

Attributes replacement colors are used instead of some attributes under certain conditions. Conditions are terminal specific.

number osc 5number osc 4replaces
0 256 bold
1 257 underline
2 258 blink
3 259 inverse
4 260 italic

xterm ( ✓ )

🛈 each attribute has a separate setting that needs to be enabled for the replacement colors to be used. These settings default to off 🛈 Since xterm 345 readback results in a osc 5 reply sequence, in older versions readback results in an osc 4 reply sequence.

vte ( ✓ )

🛈 only bold is supported. The replacement color is always used. 🛈 readback results in an osc 5 reply sequence.