Terminal Guide

Change/Read palette color

ESC1B ]5D 434 ;3b text ESC1B \5C

Change/Read palette color

Parses text as ';' separated list. For each pair of items (color, str):

If readback was requested responds with a sequence of the same form that would set the current color. E.g. ESC1b ]5d 434 ;3b 131 ;3b r72 g67 b62 :3a f66 f66 f66 f66 /2f f66 f66 f66 f66 /2f 030 030 030 030 ESC1b \5c 

Some terminals implement further colors after the proper palette that are reachable with this sequence. See set attribute replacement colors for details.

color formats of XParseColor:

urxvt ( ✔ )

🛈 Accepts a [a] prefix to color names where a is the alpha of the color (0=fully transparent, 100=fully opaque) 🛈 Accepts rgba:r/g/b/a color format. Each component uses exactly 4 hex digits. a = ffff is fully opaque. 🛈 Uses XParseColor for other formats. 🛈 readback uses rgb:%04x/%04x/%04x or when transparent rgba:%04x/%04x/%04x/%04x

xterm ( ✔ )

🛈 Uses XParseColor for color formats. 🛈 readback can be disabled by configuration. 🛈 readback uses rgb:%04x/%04x/%04x 🛈 Additional color values 'XtDefaultForeground' and 'XtDefaultBackground' are available.

vte ( )

🛈 only supports color names and rgb colors. 🛆 #rgb style sequences are scaled instead of shifted when not using full 4 hex digits per color. 🛆 rgb:r/g/b format only supports using the same number of digits for all components. 🛈 readback uses rgb:%04x/%04x/%04x

other ( )

iterm2: Index -1 and -2 are used for default foreground and background color. https://iterm2.com/documentation-escape-codes.html