Terminal Guide

Activate/Deactivate attribute replacement colors

ESC1B ]5D 10631 30 36 ;3b [ cmd ;3b enabled ]0+ ESC1B \5C
repeated (zero or more times):
cmd = 0
enabled = 0

Activate/Deactivate attribute replacement colors.

For each pair of cmd and enabled the attribute replacement is changed according to the enabled value. (0 = disabled, everything else enabled).

0use bold attribute substitution color
1use underline attribute substitution color
2use blink attribute substitution color
3use inverse attribute substitution color (background)
4use italic attribute substitution color

This setting may not be changed while the corresponding attribute is active (see select graphic rendition).

The replacement colors are used the next time the corresponding attribute is activated using select graphic rendition.

In the default settings the substitution colors are only used if no color has been set explicitly for the text.

Inverse text printed with inverse attribute substitution disabled will be printed black on black while inverse attribute substitution is enabled.

This sequence will not change rendering of text using only attributes except inverse when changed.

xterm ( )

since: 315

🛈 for xterm before 315 use alias: activate/deactivate attribute replacement colors.