Terminal Guide

DEC User Defined Keys (DECUDK)

ESC1B P50 p |7c str ESC1B \5C
p = 0

Change user defined keys. Only used in use "vt220" keyboard mapping.

key numberkey
1shift + find
2shift + insert
3shift + delete
4shift + select
5shift + page up
6shift + page down
11shift + F1
12shift + F2
13shift + F3
14shift + F4
15shift + F5
17shift + F6
18shift + F7
19shift + F8
20shift + F9
21shift + F10
23shift + F11
24shift + F12
25shift + F13
26shift + F14
28shift + F15 / shift + help
29shift + F16 / shift + menu
31shift + F17
32shift + F18
33shift + F19
34shift + F20

If p is zero reset all user defined keys before processing str.

str is parsed as a ;3b  separated list of "key /2f hex ". Where key is the decimal encoded key number and hex is an even number of hex digits that specify the bytes that key will send.