Terminal Guide

Insert Blanks (ICH)

ESC1B[5B amount @40
amount = 1

Inserts amount spaces at current cursor position moving existing cell contents to the right. The contents of the amount right-most columns in the scroll region are lost. The cursor position is not changed.

This unsets the pending wrap state without wrapping.

If the insert of the spaces splits a multi cell character that character is replaced by spaces keeping its current attributes. If no right margin is set, if the move splits a multi cell character that character is replaced by spaces. In case a right margin is set, the multi cell character is clipped at the right margin.

The inserted cells are colored according to the current SGR state.

The cells erased will be copy-able to via selection.

In left and right margin the margins are respected. If the current cursor position is outside of the current scroll region nothing is changed.

urxvt ( ✓ )

xterm ( ✓ )

🛆 As of xterm 346 split multi column cells are erased using the current SGR state instead of keeping the background color.

konsole ( ✓ )

The erased cells are not colored according to current SGR state.

If the cursor points inside a multi cell character the behaviour differs from other terminals.

linuxvc ( ✓ )

🛆 amount = 0 is adjusted to 1. 🛆 Does not erase split multi cell characters. (linuxvc uses 2 replacement characters for multi cell characters)