Terminal Guide

DEC Locator Watch Pointer Leave

ESC1B[5B top ;3b left ;3b bottom ;3b right '27 w77
top = 0
left = 0
bottom = 0
right = 0

DEC locator watch pointer location.

If the current mouse reporting mode is not DEC locator this sequence does nothing.

If the pointer is outside of the terminal window:


Adjust all parameters that are 0 to the current pointer position (i.e. left and right to the current x coordinate of the pointer and top and bottom to the current y coordinate of the pointer).

If top > bottom swap the values of top and bottom. If left > right swap the values of left and right.

If the pointer is outside the rectangle described by top, left, bottom and right (all inclusive) the terminal reports an event of type 10.

Otherwise the terminal watches the pointer and reports and an event of type 10 when the pointer leaves the rectangle.

All events reported because of this sequence count for the single shot mode.

See dec locator activate/deactivate for details about the possible reports.