Terminal Guide

Select VT-XXX Conformance Level (DECSCL)

ESC1B[5B level ;3b 7bit "22 p70
level = none
7bit = 0

Set the conformance level and encoding for C1 controls in terminal replies.

If 'level' < 61 or high than the configured maximum this sequences does nothing.

Otherwise level - 60 is the VT-xxx conformance level to activate (i.e. level = 64 -> VT-4xx conformance).

If level > 61, the parameter 7bit is used to set the encoding for C1 controls. If 7bit = 1 then encoding is use 7-bit controls. If 7bit is 0 or 2 then encoding is use 8-bit controls. If 7bit is explicitly set to any other value the encoding is not changed.