Terminal Guide

Allow Systematic Modifier Reporting in Legacy and VT220 Mode

ESC1B[5B >3e 030 ;3b flags m6d
flags = n/a

Specifies which key groups will report modifier keys held in systematic way in mode use "legacy" keyboard mapping or use "vt220" keyboard mapping.

For other key modes this control is ignored and extended key codes are only controlled by the key group specific setting.

if select format for modifier keys in other key press reports is set to a value other than 0, then the terminal acts as if all bits of this control are set.

If flags is not given, reset this setting to it's initial state.

conditionkey group
flags & 1keypad
flags & 2left, right, up, down, home, end, page up, page down,
insert, delete (if not configured as DEL7f ),
find, select, left tab (aka shift-tab)
flags & 4f-keys
flags & 8select, print, execute, undo, redo, menu, find, cancel, help, break

xterm ( ✔ )

🛈 defaults to 0.