Terminal Guide

Linux Cursor Style

ESC1B[5B ?3f shape ;3b xor ;3b or c63
shape = 0
xor = 0
or = 0

Select linux cursor style.

Where shape = size | flags.

depending on driver: off, underline or block
3lower third
4lower half
5two thirds
16enable foreground and background change
When enabled the cursor changes the shown attributes of the cell it is on.
Some drivers force size = 1 (none) internally if this is set.
32ensure original background and cursor background differ.
If the original and cursor background would be identical invert all background color channels (but not brightness).
64ensure cursor foreground and background differ.
If the cursor background and foreground would be identical invert all foreground color channels (but not brightness).

Together xor and or define changes to foreground and background of the cell where the cursor is shown when flags has that feature enabled. Each bit in both parameters describes one aspect to change. The effective change depends on that bit in both.

bit in orbit in xorchange
00no change

The meanings of each bit are:

bit valuemeaning
1foreground blue channel
2foreground green channel
4foreground red channel
8foreground brightness channel
16background blue channel
32background green channel
64background red channel
128background brightness