Terminal Guide

Scroll Right (SR)

ESC1B[5B amount 20 A41
amount = 1

Inserts amount blank columns (over the whole height of the current scrolling region) at the left-most column of the terminal. The contents of left-most column and the columns to its right (to the right-most line in the scrolling region) are shifted right by amount columns. The contents of the amount right-most columns in the scroll region are lost.

If the current cursor position is outside of the current scroll region it does nothing.

If the current scroll region does not include the left-most column of the terminal this sequence does nothing.

If amount is greater than the remaining number of columns in the scrolling region it is adjusted down.

In left and right margin mode the margins are respected; columns are only scrolled in the scroll region.

If the cell movement splits a multi cell character that character is cleared, by replacing it by spaces, keeping its current attributes.

The cleared space is colored according to the current SGR state.

If amount = 0 is adjusted to 1.

The Cursor position is not changed.

xterm ( ✓ )

🛆 As of xterm 346 split multi column cells are erased using the current SGR state instead of keeping the background color.