Terminal Guide

Bright 8 Color Foreground

Set: 90-97
Reset: 39

Set the foreground color attribute.

These attributes set the bright named colors. The black color is a grey darker than the non bright "white".

90bright "black"
91bright red
92bright green
93bright yellow
94bright blue
95bright magenta
96bright cyan
97bright white

In practice these colors can be customized or selected from a theme in most terminals. The exact values can vary wildly.

linuxvc ( 🔧 )

🛈 With the vgacon driver bright foreground colors are only available when using a 256 glyph font. When using 512 glyph fonts and the vgacon driver this is an alias for the non bright foreground colors. 🛈 linuxvc uses a unified intensity model where bright colors use an intensity of 2. Intensity is shared with bold and faint. Reset value for intensity is 1.