Terminal Guide

Direct Color Decoration

Set: 58:2:...
Reset: 59

Set decoration color as RGB values.

The color is specified as separate values for each color component. Values are in the range 0 to 255 (inclusive). The order is red, green, blue.

This has multiple possible forms.

(2)48:2:Ⓝ:Ⓝ:Ⓝ:Ⓝthe first Ⓝ is supposed to be a color space indication, but is just ignored in practice; additional subparameters are ignored
(3)48;2:Ⓝ:Ⓝ:Ⓝadditional subparameters are ignored

vte ( ✓ )

vte supports forms 1 and 4. Form 2 is supported when the color space id is empty (defaulted). Any digit in the color space id prevents this form from working (subparameters are still consumed)

vte uses a reduced color resolution of (r4,g5,b4) internally.

linuxvc ( ∅ )

🛆 Subparameters make the whole sequence ignored.